The Most Popular LEGO Creator Buildings

As you probably know, LEGO is the world’s most popular manufacturer of building toys for children. One of the latest series of LEGO building blocks is LEGO Creator. If you are a real LEGO enthusiast, you definitely know a couple of LEGO Creator models and how much entertaining they can be. Since children love to be challenged, this series of sets are well-known for triggering children’s creativity. These are not toys for 3 year olds. In fact, they are designed for children of 7 up to 12 years, these toys can awake their creativity and let them express their talents in building some complete buildings. Each LEGO Creator kit comes with instructions-to-follow and each provides a different building experience. Here are three sets that we consider most entertaining.

LEGO Creator: Sydney Opera House

LEGO Creator Sydney Opera House

If you have ever dreamed of creating one of the world’s biggest and most iconic buildings, LEGO gives you the chance to recreate the Sydney Opera House.

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