Top 3 Beautiful Black Love Poems For Her

black love poems her

Black Love Poems For Her #1: The Way I Have Loved

I love you in a way that’s hard to describe
With a feeling that is wholly mine.

I love you too intricately to replicate
Too secretly for words to openly dictate.

I love you in ways I have yet not travelled
In modes undiscovered in paths uncovered

I have loved you in a manner I myself cannot understand.

Black Love Poems For Her #2: Lost In Me

You ran to me not expecting what you’d find;
a comfortable place to rest and ease you troubled mind
and then suddenly you became lost in me.

For fear, you ran from me.
Not expecting that you’d find a restless place
that tormented your troubled mind when you became lost in me.

In longing for me, you ran back to me.
Not expecting to find you’d gone from me,
my twisted torn up mind has shattered me,
when you became, lost in me.

Black Love Poems For Her #3: My Love

My love
My love is like a deep blue sea,
so tender and caring waiting for someone to drown in
You found your way into my heart and drowned in it
You snatched my love like the morning sun snatches dew from the grass
Thank you for loving me
because you parted my lips
when I could not breath
You enkindle my life
and gave me a reason to smile
You touched my life
like an angels kiss on an innocent soul
You are an angel
I love you

For more beautiful black love poems for her, visit the following link.


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